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FlightGear is a great open source multi-platform flight simulator.

It features realistic flight physics, many different airplanes, multiplayer capabilities and much more.

Please visit the FlightGear website and see for yourself!

FlightGear ATC background chatter patches

Being dissatisfied with having only a single set of ATC background chatter audio files, I developed a patch for FlightGear which puts you in a position to add chatter files for each airport ICAO-code.

I did not only create the patch mentioned above but did as well record ATC live chatter from KSFO airport and divided it up into single files for each conversation piece.

Installation instructions

To use the chatter files for KSFO, just install the patch, create a directory KSFO in the FlighGear data directory ATC/Chatter/ and extract the files there.

To use the chatter files for EHAM, you do not need to create a directory EHAM. It is included in the archive files.


You can download the patch and the chatter files by clicking on the links below:

Future plans

In the future there shall be the possibility to add chatter audio for each ICAO area (as a fallback for the area's airports which do not have own files, yet) and global fallbacks, as well.

I appreciate any comment, suggestion, bug report etc. via email to tobias at ramforth dot com.

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